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The Underground Prison of Anger, Pain and Depression

It doesn't have to be a life sentence.

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Recognizing the Chains

Whether by way of childhood trauma or along-the-way drama, many of our life experiences can place us in an emotional and/or spiritual bondage. Aged circumstances and abuse of all kind carry a significant, long-lasting weight and leave behind scars often too difficult to heal on their own. Hence, for most people, attempts to self-treat or simply ignore the ails becomes the unfortunate coping mechanism.

Negative emotions - like anger, for example - have a chameleon-like ability to come and go depending on the situation or audience surrounding. If being joyous is what's called for at the time, we tend to shift expression for the moment and subconsciously suppress our true state of being. This temporary subduing however, can sometimes lead to an unintentional, yet permanent hibernation of our true self.

Admitting that we are not all good an important first step towards healing. Allowing ourselves to be ok with not being ok is real courage that loosens the grip of the emotional shackles. Granting permission to our feelings to be and be open and vulnerable to receiving help, is the virtual key to regaining love for self and love for others - and yes, even for those that inflicted the pain.

The negative and most minimal of events, the most buried emotions and secrets of our past take residence on the spiritual train and arrive at unexpected stops along our child's journey.

- T. Nicole

Time Served, Be Free!

Our feelings are real and being held captive by them is wrongful in every way. The true crime is the accompanying mindset that we somehow deserve what happened or that we are bound to the walls of how low we feel.

Proclaim today.. "Neither of these thoughts shall we permit, so we must now and forever acquit!"

It is critical that the negative emotions of our past be brought to life in order for them to be properly laid to rest. In our role as parents, any toxic feelings we have are hazardous and quite contagious. Even when we think our feelings and emotions are being masked, our child is still susceptible and vulnerable to the affects.

YOUR DECISION is YOUR VERDICT! You have the power to set yourself free and start living in positive flow and high vibration - no longer sentenced to the constraints of negativity. For your sake.. for your child's sake.. for your children's children sake.. decide today to acknowledge your pain, seek the help you need and be free to BE!

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Until... Be Inspired. Continue to Dream. Always Be.

Light and Love!

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