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Counseling is Not a Dirty Word

The obscenity is ignoring it's value

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The Silent Cry for Help

Upon entering parenthood, most are ill-prepared for the role and camouflaging the newfound fears with blind excitement. Our attention is quickly captivated by the birth and fanfare of the celebratory moment. The emotions, thoughts and experiences of our yesterdays quickly get stored away, with hopes that what's out of sight will remain out of mind. Unfortunately, however, as time passes the lids of the stored packages become loosened and unintentionally in many cases begin to pour over into our todays.

In the forward movement of parenting, there's little time to look back. We spend every awakened hour representing the needs of our children, and further neglecting our own. For some parents, it's commonplace to fully sacrifice everything and give from a place of nothingness. As commendable as that is, the long term sustainability and overall effectiveness of this approach is short-lived - and quite damaging for both parent and child. The muted voice being given to the ails of our past ultimately transform into an outcry of distress in the new (or existing) parent-child relationship.

Bettering yourself is the greatest gift you could give to yourself and your child.

- T. Nicole

The Comfort of the Couch

Seeking help to unpackage the past is a basic necessity. The overwhelming nature of the task, combined with the science of how our brains work, validates the need to pursue partnership in this deeply therapeutic endeavor. Though I advocate for licensed, professional counseling, I also believe there to be extreme value in working with trusted, open-minded, non-judgmental individuals that have both life-experience and proven results in the area you are needing healing.

It wasn't until I took residence on the couch that I realized the laundry list of hurts I'd been holding on to. Dating back to grade-school I remembered the vicious name calling and accompanied sadness. Reflecting on these aged events, it evidenced me how negatively impacting labels could be. The continual denigration led to a combination of emotional and psychological damage, as pieces of "little" me had been chipped away. Since such time, unknowingly, I was existing in a state of less-than.

I made time to visit the couch on several occasions over the years, and took advantage of chance encounters with some very special people who offered wise counsel. The many discoveries and deliverance moments built my arsenal and framework for creating positive interactions with my child. I encourage you to unmask the past and regain your greatness. There is freedom in truth... and once free, living actually begins.

In the next several blogs, I will delve more into the specific self-assessing, self-improving and self-care tools and activities that made the biggest impact in my journey, as well as shift the conversation to discussing a variety of parenting tips I've found to be extremely effective.

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Starting in November 2019, I will be offering personalStarting in November 2019, I will be offering personal INSPIRE U Consultations. During these sessions, we can tackle the issues that stand in the way of you becoming your best self and hindering achievement of greatness in your child. I'm super excited to have a more personal connection and partner in the cultivation of greatness in our children.

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Until... Be Inspired. Continue to Dream. Always Be.

Light and Love!

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