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Not My Parent's Parenting

Learnings from the past become inspiration for the present

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The Genesis of Parenting

Nothing but love for those that only know what they know and execute from that place. For many people, parent's in particular, what they know of parenting is what they witnessed and experienced firsthand. Study of the subject, let alone recognizing that current understandings may not be best understanding, was an improbable probability. To challenge tradition in some families was considered blasphemy or an 8th deadly sin. Thus The Genesis, as if it were an actual location, has remained that place where everything starts, yet oftentimes nothing ever really begins.


For centuries, children have been raised under the counsel of parents who intentionally or unintentionally repeated toxic behaviors. With this, children have adopted the same characteristics and became carbon copies of their caretaker. Day after day, year after year - the same begets the same. Without intentional intervention or conscious change, the outlook of future generations appeared grim.

We cannot make life better for our children until we improve the condition of our own.

- T. Nicole

Creation of The Renewed and Inspired Nurturer

The moment I gave birth to my first child I knew I'd be in a continual state of learning - alongside my continual state of teaching. As a foundation for all things parenting, I certainly used my childhood experience as the premise. However, to go beyond the status quo, I enlisted a variety of self-assessing, self-improving and self-caring tools and practices. To inspire great, I needed to be great.

As part of my self evaluation, I had to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. Discovering, acknowledging and giving a name to those things that were directly associated with my fears, pains, and disappointments was a difficult endeavor. The motivation to push was remembering my duty as a parent and reflecting upon the unconditional love I had for my child. I owed it to them to be pure in thought, and in all my ways. Sacrifice was critical - and in hindsight, I recognized that not performing the inner biopsy would only keep active and potentially breed further dysfunction.

From an early age, I knew I was a survivor - and to earn that title, life afforded me the trials to prove it. Overwhelming debt, death of loved ones, divorce and divorce again... I found myself in standing position, and so in full strength. Notably, however, there were harboring feelings of hurt, disappointment and resentment - which ultimately kept me at a low vibration and attracted more of the same. The work towards cleansing myself and being free of the toxic emotions was going to be worth it. I was sober minded enough to realize that overcoming my past would be the lifetime win I needed, and my children (and future relationships of all kind) deserved.

Once committed to the change, there was no turning back. And fortunately, the results of even the most minimal improvement, was seen and felt. As I evolved, my thinking and logic evolved. My worldly traits transformed and I opened my viewpoint to a higher place of being, where empathy, love, and compassion thrived. What seemed impossible, became an illusive reality. The thirst to want more, do more, be more was my controlled addiction. I was renewed and inspired - capable of cultivating an environment of greatness for myself, my children and my entire sphere of influence.

More than DNA is passed on to our children. Everything we think, do, feel and experience has the potential to show up in our child's life.

- T. Nicole

In the next several blogs, I will delve more into the specific self-assessing, self-improving and self-care tools and activities that made the biggest impact in my journey, as well as shift the conversation to discussing a variety of parenting tips I've found to be extremely effective.

If you'd like to submit questions or topics for future blogs, feel free to send via email to

Starting in November 2019, I will be offering personal INSPIRE U Consultations. During these sessions, we can tackle the issues that stand in the way of you becoming your best self and hindering achievement of greatness in your child. I'm super excited to have a more personal connection and partner in the cultivation of greatness in our children.

Be sure to follow me on IG and Facebook- and be the first to know when the consultation calendar opens - and of course the many updates and inspirational thoughts I share.

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Until... Be Inspired. Continue to Dream. Always Be.

Light and Love!

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