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Negativity, A Personal Health Crisis and Epidemic

It's Time to Check Some Attitudes

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The Signs and Symptoms

Chronic pessimism, an abrasive and harmful contagion, has been ignored and sometimes misdiagnosed as an illness for centuries. Individuals that consistently see the glass half empty and drown others in the toxicity of their views, have become a norm of society. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed is even used in jest to describe someone that is unhappy or grumpy. Humor aside, not owning up or correcting oneself in advance of meeting the public should be unacceptable and worthy of temporary quarantine. Unfortunately, due to the lack of acknowledgement, the warning signs of the condition and often life-threatening impacts of living with (and spreading) the disease are missed and never vaccinated.

Some emotional indicators of negativity are being easily aggravated, sad, depressed, bossy, a loner, lacking confidence or trust in self and others, having a single perspective on all things, problem focused, being anxious, a worrier, having extreme interest in bad news, a gossiper, judgmental or being comfortable only in one's current place. These emotions and behaviors left untreated, can then manifest physically into conditions like tightness or pain in the chest, neck, back, or arms, fatigue, headaches, abnormal heartbeat, and high blood pressure. Any of these sound familiar? … feel familiar?

Interestingly, many medical conditions - including those determined by research to be the leading causes of death across the globe - have the same distinct characterizations. In saying this, it is quite probable that an underlying, yet pervasive cause for these diseases is the pessimistic and energy draining attitude called NEGATIVITY.

The Diagnosis and Prognosis

Unlike other conditions, diagnosing negativity does not require lab tests or imaging exams. Instead, making an appointment in front of the mirror is the only necessary checkpoint. Taking the pause to look oneself in the eye and evaluate the condition of the mind, body and soul is a patient and powerful experience. Assessing the state of one's health, relationships and life can be a direct indicator of whether the unproductive thinking patterns have influenced a state of distress.

While in the mirror, you are encouraged to also take a look over your shoulder and peak into the expression and behavior of your child. It is very likely what you see in them is a direct reflection of you.

Be forever mindful that like attracts like, thus having thoughts of doom and gloom will only invite their friends to the gathering. Wanting something different out of life will require you to do something different; which starts in the mind with how we perceive and think. The eventual outlook for anyone stuck in the vicious cycle of negativity, and even for those in close proximity, is damaging in many ways and in some cases fatal.

The Treatment

Becoming more positive is not an overnight change. There are a variety of daily behaviors and disciplines that must be cultivated in order to overwhelm the damaged cells. Practicing gratitude, establishing affirmations, journaling, doing activities that invoke a positive spirit, meditating, intentionally smiling more and surrounding yourself with optimistic people are just a few suggestions. Recognizing the triggers and cutting off the negative thoughts when they inch themselves into the welcoming space of happiness will be key to maintaining the new and improved attitude.

Change the way you look at things and

the things you look at change.

- Wayne D. Dyer

While in progress and working towards becoming positive, it is important to not lose site of the associated benefits. Having a hopeful attitude and good energy provides a resovior for dealing with stress, improves overall health and relationships, attracts and opens the door for goodness and for the sake of your children - inspires them to replicate the same.

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