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The Bad Hand Life Can Deal

Play to Win!

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The Game

There is almost nothing that compares to a day of fun with family and friends gathered to play a game of cards. Good mood, good food – and yes, the best of off-the-wall comments and raw jokes from the resident comedian in the room. During these times, bonds are made, strategies are devised and whatever hand is dealt – is played.

Shuffle one, shuffle two… and then there’s a final act of shuffling magic from the dealer that ultimately delivers your playing hand. Laughter fills the room, yet there is a silent anticipation of what’s in your pile that begins to overshadow the external sounds.


And then the big reveal; the moment you discover if you have “the winning hand”. One pitiful card, a second pitiful card.. and then another sure to lose addition. The mental chatter begins... “Oh my goodness!! No fair! I can’t win with these cards. I don’t have anything that could possibly carry any weight or win this game. It’s a wrap. Game over!”

Interestingly, and in like manner, these are the same thoughts we have with our lives. When there’s a disappointment, a failure, a closed door or broken relationship there is a tendency to immediately throw in the hand and assume defeat. Alternatively, when the cards appear to be stacked up in a manner that puts you in an inferior position, it is actually the perfect time to put on a game face and strong arm the competition with a full dose of passion, mixed with a sprinkle of intimidation.

This similarly and wholeheartedly holds true as it relates to raising children and setting an example for them to follow. Even with a bad hand, the mindset must remain play to win.

The Win

In life, and most certainly in the game of cards, there may not be any control over what cards are received from the deal – but there is always a choice in the response to what's in hand and how the cards are played. Oftentimes the baggage from the past continues to play a role in the current hand of life. It is these cards that can unfairly influence outcomes and therefore, should be discarded in haste to allow for free, unbiased play.


As it relates to present-day conflicts and issues, seeking quick resolve is also recommended; in addition to recognizing that every card in-hand is a temporary state of affairs.

The ultimate objective is understanding that each round of the game serves as a learning experience. Each play opportunity allows one to become more comfortable and confident in the ability to survive even with the low value cards in hand. Winning, you see, is mere interpretation.

An added benefit, and higher achievement, is achieving life purpose – becoming a teacher, a lighthouse and vessel of truth for the community of inexperienced card players to come; including your own children.

Having a perfect hand is not the precursor to being great or cultivating greatness in our children. Every individual is a strategic creator of their own play. Regardless of whether you have an all spades kind-of-a-hand or not, the limiting factors present in the current hand are a shuffle away from being a hindering illusion towards greatness.

Don't Hate the Game, Check the Player

As you continue playing the game, you eventually discover that beyond the throw of cards, attitude plays a major role too in your successful play. If you think you’ll lose – you will. Having an unfavorable mix of cards is a setback for a comeback. It's the story before the glory. The trial before the triumph. Garnering your inner strength is the magic that can turn what looks "impossible" into “I’m possible”.

Knowing that a win is not measured just by the game results, but by the positive emotions you emit and carry into the next hand, offers you a powerful and eternal upper hand.

Giving up is not an option! You must always show up and play the game. After all, you were born to win and nothing, absolutely nothing can change that except you.

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Until... Be Inspired. Continue to Dream. Always Be.

Light and Love!

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