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The Neglected Caterpillar Within

Your Butterfly is Dying to Live

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The urge to write today’s blog was so very strong - as it speaks volumes to me personally. Hence, I will write from a first-person point of view, in hopes of inspiring you and inspiring me.

The Purpose and Promise of Change

From birth, a caterpillar is called to fly. It is purposed, after a series of events, to transform into a butterfly and live the butterfly experience.

As we age however, we sometimes discover that we’ve only grown in stagnation, and have just become the older version of our former self. Though we’ve allowed our fashion to change, in most cases everything else about us has stayed the same. How we feel, perceive, relate and react today mirrors the patterns of the same across the timeline of our lives.

Along with our unchanged views, we have likely discovered that our past experiences are the defining the content and flow of our current ones. The place where we lost faith, trust or hope – or even experienced disappointment, rejection or abuse – is the exact place our caterpillar development and advancement was paused. In this place, we ceased to exist fully and deferred the life of the butterfly to the illusion of our circumstance.

This inability or avoidance to go beyond can originate from a myriad of sources, however in many cases the root cause is fear. Not knowing what the future holds and the likelihood of repeating past situations, is sometimes enough to hold the caterpillar hostage and frozen in the dis-comfort of what’s known. Alternatively, for some, not knowing how to make the change can also be the unfortunate cause.

In either case, allowing the stages of life to occur naturally and free-flowing - fully disconnecting from residual emotions and past attachments – offers an extremely effective way to manage and proceed thru the necessary and intended change. This mindset also affords us an organic, pure and loving way to have new opportunities, relationships and a life of vigor without having the answers or understanding of all the why’s and why nots.

The Metamorphosis

The first stages of life for a caterpillar are characterized as a time to eat; consuming every nutrient possible propelling them to their next phase of development. As they grow, they begin to exceed the capacity of their external bodies; and thus, must take on a new outer body to continue to next level eating. These phases of change are a defined as an ‘eat and repeat’ – and when in the fifth phase, the future butterfly develops and comes to life.

Like the caterpillar, we live in a state of consumption – taking in a variety of complexities that impact us physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. The experiences can either positively or negatively influence our overall being. Moreover, this influence extends much deeper into our energy, frequency and state of mind – which collectively are the epicenter of or decisions and choices.

Just as the caterpillar is expected to transform as it eats and grows, so are we. And so, if we choose to eat beyond our capacity and stay stagnant, we end up in a depressed, emotionally drained and dormant place – depriving ourselves of the metamorphic experience in becoming a butterfly.

The transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly is a miraculous act of going from death to life. It is a gift of rebirth - seeing nothing of the past with regret, but as a learning moment and vitamin for sustainability. The past should not be viewed as a hinderance, yet instead it serves as the propellant for survival, growth and reproduction. Without a past, there is no future.

The Butterfly Lives

Those wings were made to fly. Without any training or preparation, from day one of the release, you are a unique creature of inspiration, vitality and beauty – with full and unstoppable ability to ascend uninterrupted.

You have permission and power to break thru and rise above wherever you are today. You do not have to be trapped in the cocoon of your past. The difference between being happy or not, experiencing love or not, and being free or not – is your recognition that happiness, love and freedom are already upon you.

Step out of your own way and embrace your beautiful, strong wings. It’s time to soar, fly above the clouds, see past the stars and connect with the universe as you were intended to do from birth.


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Until... Be Inspired. Continue to Dream. Always Be.

Light and Love!

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