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Be Like The Phoenix

Rise Above... and FLY!

You Are an Invincible Creation

Legend has it that the long-lived phoenix bird’s greatest skill was its ability to rise from its own ashes. After being consumed in a blaze of fire, the phoenix magically reconstituted itself and reformed its body anew.

Amazing… and borderline unbelievable.

If only the skill and ability of the phoenix went beyond mysticism. If only the narrative of rebirth could have a realistic display. Well… I’m the bearer of good news today.

For the spiritual and non-spiritual, the phrase “all things are possible” is commonly known and widely used. The notable intent of this statement is to both affirm the indomitable power of the mind and remove all the known and unknown barriers and limitations affecting it.

Beyond what is faced in the physical realm, if there is a belief that something will cause you to fail or be hurt – you will. Hence, the ability to survive moments of despair or overcome crisis, is to know that the supernatural power to survive and recreate yourself into a stronger, wiser, more resilient being has already been gifted to you.

When you know yourself, you are empowered. When you accept yourself, you are invincible.

- Author Unknown

Renewal and Resurrection

Knowing that you have the ability to rise above the past is a critical first step; although taking the next action and exercising your ability is the piece that matters most.

As you assess your current state and realize that you may be in a place of complacency or even amid a heated storm, you are encouraged to harness the courage of the phoenix and conquer your fire.

The other side offers new hope, opportunity and the promise of a new beginning and unseen experiences. The rebirthed YOU will be stronger, wiser and more resilient; able to face inevitable challenges with the wherewithal, courage and ease learned thru the fires of your past.

Let not fear stand in the way of your new start; as It’s usually the hidden culprit to any resistance. The nervous anticipation you are experiencing is typically the consequence of overthinking or misguided self-talk.

Believe you can overcome. Believe in the greater. Believe in yourself. Your beliefs carry a major punch to the face of fear.

Allow the sun to ignite the pains and burdens of your past and the usher you into your new, bright beginning.

It’s time to live. It’s time to be happy again. It’s time to FLY!

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Until... Be Inspired. Continue to Dream. Always Be.


Light and Love!

T. Nicole

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