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Flying with a Broken Wing

Beyond the Skies is Still Home

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In dedication to the brother I never knew.

The Anatomy of Flying

A bird, one of a few animals to have an ability to fly, has a complex makeup that in total makes all things possible. From the hollow bones of their skeleton to the flight muscle of their feathers, birds are built light, yet they are very strong.

Also equipped with a large brain and big eyes, birds are capable of making quick moves at high speeds, seeing both fine detail and a view of what's ahead and behind.

In comparison to the human species, birds are often perceived to be somewhat mystical and that the faculty of flying was a skill only gifted to them.

Defying such wonder, however, the art of soaring is actually bestowed upon us all. The only difference is that a bird flies despite the season or weather conditions.  Flying is innate, and not dependent. No thought or second guessing. Birds soar in all environments and situations... in and around, under and between.

Broken, yet Breathing

The troubles, pains and burdens that weigh upon us often blur our vision, giving off an obscure view of tomorrow's possibility. These difficulties somehow develop into internal extremities and begin to define the future.

While some may enter life amidst unfavorable or toxic circumstances that impair the ability to achieve great success, others accumulate situations along the way. In either case, and not ignoring the gravity or impact of the hurtful situations, understanding and having a change in perspective could be the life-saving event. 

Knowing the difference between living and dying or drowning and flying was a series of actions - (1) freeing oneself thru forgiveness - of self and others, (2) overcoming associated fears and (3) taking a chance at flying, would give life to the broken wings restrained from flying. Knowing this would expand the capacities of the sky.

"Even with broken wings you can still fly. Stronger than torn flesh and broken bone your spirit will traverse the sky." 

- Anthony Gucciardi 


YOU are the GREATEST CREATION - with amazing talents and skill. You were created to be more than a conqueror, and life's challenges are a part of the GREAT story. Achievement thru purpose is the highest honor of existence. 

Making a conscious decision today to decalcify your tunneled vision and energize every moment moving forward is the most rewarding choice. You have the power to make the excitement of tomorrow's win, greater than the dejection of yesterday's loss. 

Fly... even if it's with a broken wing!

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Until... Be Inspired. Continue to Dream. Always Be.

Light and Love!

T. Nicole

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