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The Change You Seek, Is Seeking You

It's time to come out of hiding

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Confirming the Vision

Often when we seek change, we complicate the desire by not being clear about the change we want. The frustration and burden of our current experience triggers the emotions, yet lacks any form in a tangible or visual sense. This borderline blinding activity explains the lack of movement and fulfillment of the hoped for, anticipated change.

With this, it is critical to confirm the vision and ensure it is clear; as only a vision that is clear can be achieved. Whether it's a new job, entrepreneurial opportunity, new relationship or overall new beginning, being able to articulate the high-level details of what you are seeking is key. What characteristics are necessary, what feeling should the change garner, or how will life improve after the change.

Having answers to these and similar questions create the clear vision - which in turn is the foundation and catalyst to every manifesting step that follows.

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight

and no vision". - Helen Keller


Once a vision is clear, committing to it keeps it alive. The commitment to a vision is no different than any other display of allegiance. Being attentive to the vision, giving time to it, protecting it and adjusting when it is impacted in any way are vital elements required for its eventual outcome.

To establish a vision and activate a desire are like seeds of change. Like a farmer who is committed to his crops, daily attention and purposeful action are required to harvest. A vision without active engagement eventually dies.

Alternatively, a change is the result of a vision that is cultivated and matured.

Allow the Change to Be

Add paragraph text here. In no way minimizing the challenges faced when change becomes a necessary lifeline; it is, however, an interesting phenomenon to compare this to the forceful resistance faced when the decision is made on a change and expectancy mode begins.

The culmination of low vibrational worry-wait anticipation creates a counterproductive and blocking energy. These and other distractions, doubts and fears complicate the ability to walk into the new corridors of life - even those that are purposed and destined for us. Often the comfort in staying in the current situation, not accepting the change, paralyzes, delays and sometimes causes the opportunity to be missed completely.

Thus, the magic and untold secret about change is that maintaining the vision and opening fully to living in the change, graciously welcomes and ushers in the change. The vision created in the mind exists as a delayed truth that acceptance magnetically attracts and brings forth into the current existence.

Therefore.... come out of hiding! Disregard all fears and cast away every doubt. The change you seek, is seeking you.

Open up to, make room for and get excited about your change! IT - whatever "it" is - IS YOURS!

Just let it BE!

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Until... Be Inspired. Continue to Dream. Always Be.

Light and Love!


T. Nicole

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