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A Conditional Journey of Truth

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A Destination Called Love

From the earliest of ages, the character of love is formed. What it looks like, how it feels and how it is expressed are all calculated understandings that most children can explain. These understandings, unfortunately though, are solely based on the limited view of what has been experienced.

To more accurately learn what it is and how to arrive at it's destination, it will be required to go beyond the snapshots of life we see and hear about. Love is much more expansive than the single-lane road we're likely on and more connecting than the cross-roads intersecting ahead. Love is an appointed end, only reached thru the proper navigation of truth.

Truth Positioning

There are many factors that contribute toward a healthy state of love, but none compare to that of truth. Without truth, all other factors - individually and comprehensively - are a lie.


Respect with no truth, is disrespect. Communication with no truth, is silence. Trust with no truth, is doubt. Love could not survive on respect, communication and trust - with no truth. Truth is the cornerstone; the foundation and the driving force to love.


Truth, in fact, IS LOVE!

Unconditional love says, I'm connected to love regardless of any condition, and in unconditional love, I am free.

- Abraham Hicks

Unconditionally, with Condition

With the realization that truth is love, a single condition thereby exists to reaching the destination of true, unconditional love. Disregarding social constraints and expectations commonly attached to loving another person; experiencing divine love requires a completely different level of practice and application.

Unconditional love is free, uninhibited, ever-expanding, unbothered, renewable, powerful and eternal. It is the combined feeling, emotion and energy of heavenly bliss. Having this type of love allows for the impossible to become possible, fear to initiate laughter and the misfortunes of the past to transform into a welcomed sacrifice for the now.

Unconditional love has but one requirement, and that is to always be met with truth. This truth opens the door for abundance in all things. In unity or even in solitude, the give and take of unconditional love transcends any conscious reality of what happiness, joy, peace or fulfillment mean.

The offering of unconditional love, eventually attracts it; and once received, you'll forever wonder how you survived without it.

I challenge you to plan every trip with a compass set to truth - in all directions. This can only lead to the place where unconditional love lives and thrives.


Join me. I'm already there!

The unconditional love above is a requirement of self-love, which in turn makes for the same to be expressed unto others - especially our children. To learn more and become acquainted with The GREAT Revolution, purchase a copy of Inspired Legacy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. If you are in the Atlanta area, feel free to stop by the infamous Nubian Bookstore in Morrow, GA for a copy.


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During these sessions, we can tackle the issues that stand in the way of you becoming your best self and hindering achievement of greatness in your child. I'm super excited to have a more personal connection and partner in the cultivation of greatness in our children.


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Until... Be Inspired. Continue to Dream. Always Be.

Light and Love!


T. Nicole

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